Blending the art of healing with cutting-edge research, the Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional, and physical level in an easy, noninvasive way. It is simple, proven, and effective! It can release stress of any kind, whether it be years of abuse or elements of daily life that tend to overwhelm our emotional circuitry. Clients report profound and life-changing results, often after only one session.

Carolyn believes we all have the ability to learn to heal ourselves and others and has demystified the process. Through inspiration and years of client experience, Carolyn created this unique method that she teaches in her dynamic trainings. Carolyn empowers her students with skill sets and tools to help them heal themselves and share these gifts with others. Carolyn’s trainings attract an international audience and a growing circle of SimplyHealed™ certified practitioners. She also works closely with her clients and students through phone sessions throughout the world.

During a session, SimplyHealed can clear many issues — not just one or two — in a graceful way. Many energy healing methods work only with chakras, auras, or meridians, but SimplyHealed tunes up all seven energy systems of the body.

In addition, through the SimplyHealed method, flaws in the energetic DNA can be quickly located and repaired — some of these flaws have been in the lineage for generations. Depression, phobias, addictions, fears, ill health, even money problems are just a few of the issues that get passed down through the genetic code. With SimplyHealed, we can trace it back to its origin and clear it for our lineage and ourselves.

By changing energy patterns, as well as subconscious beliefs, this powerful way of healing helps people heal from past or current traumas without having to relive the event or spend years coming to terms with their painful and challenging past.

Disclaimer: The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® may compliment other means of healthcare, but it is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Lori does not diagnose conditions, nor does she prescribe medications or interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. It is the client’s responsibility to seek a licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailment that concerns them.