IMG_0671Generational energy work quickly became a very real part of my SimplyHealed practice. On my drive home from the training in St. George, I saw the Richfield Exit and spontaneously decided to head out there to visit my grandparents’ graves. Strangely I did not see a single person in the town. But in the cemetery, there were 3 women. To my surprise, they were decorating my great-grandmother’s grave for Mother’s Day. It turned out they were my relatives! Three generations: a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother! This unusual meeting was a gift! They shared stories with me about our ancestors buried there, and for the first time I felt a distinct and very real connection to them–their joys and sorrows, their hardships and successes. Questions I had about generational work were sweetly clarified and replaced with profound trust. This chance encounter turned strangers into family and bound us to a greater heritage and purpose. As my Celtic Knot logo represents, we are tied together in this work. It’s that simple!

Lori Henderson


When my twins were born it was a beautiful and traumatic experience for me.  The stress of the twin pregnancy and then the delivery of baby A vaginally followed by an emergency c-section for Baby B left a serious toll on my body, soul, and mind.  When the babies were 5 days old I had a SimplyHealed session with Lori Henderson.  I was so sleep deprived and worn out I don’t remember a lot of the specific details.  What I do remember, however, is the overwhelming feeling of peace, comfort, and relief that I experienced during and after our session.  Lori also worked with the babies to help them balance themselves after their traumatic entrance into the world.

Michelle — Massachusetts


I see a lot of trauma in the work I do.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming it lasts for days.  Working with Lori I have felt feelings of overwhelm, sorrow, anger, grief and other emotions associated with the trauma suddenly leave my body.  A co-worker noticed a significant change in my demeanor after this experience.  There is one side effect of SimplyHealed — life is absolutely great now!

A. M. — Utah


Lori’s passion for energy healing and sincere concern for her clients was evident in her thoughtful questions, creative ideas, and technical knowledge of the practice. I always felt safe talking to her. My work with Lori has helped me create deeper connections with my family, rebuild my self-esteem, and believe that I can find joy and purpose right now and in my future.

Elisabeth — Washington


During my SimplyHealed session with Lori, I had a very strong sense of something powerful happening.  I felt calm, more centered, and more able to open up and be in tune with my own emotions.   I have noticed a significant positive change, especially in my children, since the session, most notably in their personal interactions with each other.  I would highly recommend Lori to anyone who feels they need help. She is a remarkable practitioner.

Olivia — Colorado


I try very hard in my life to be guided by inspiration.  And when I was struggling with some things, Lori came to mind.  It was such a wonderful experience.  She listened and honored where I was, and helped me to clear and realize so many things. I knew she was inspired. I felt so safe and able to do the work I needed to.

Aki — Utah


I am pleased to give the highest recommendation to Lori Henderson as a SimplyHealed practitioner.  I am a highly intuitive person, and being with Lori is a delight.  She creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere in which to practice, and a ‘safe’ place to heal, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Lori’s expertise helped me to ‘deal with’ my father’s passing in a peaceful, loving way.  Instead of despair and depression, I quickly came to acceptance and peace through her techniques.

Laurie — Utah


At times when Lori hit on an area where I was struggling, it seemed like she could intuitively tell I needed some work.  It was a completely positive experience, even when I encountered negativity hidden inside myself.  I felt completely safe and calm the entire time. My decades of knowing her have taught me that Lori is an uplifting, inspiring, clean, loving, and generous person who uses SimplyHealed as a method to help her do what she loves to do—help other people.

Daniel — Massachusetts


In one session Lori was able to clear my post traumatic stress symptoms and the debilitating weight of unnecessary burdens.  I woke up the next morning feeling “clear” — like the psychic clutter had all been swept away. I am so much happier and full of positive energy!

Cindy — Utah


Not long ago I was in a toxic situation at work that created a very stressful environment both physically and emotionally and had completely depleted my energy.  Lori connected with me energetically and spiritually.  She has a very kind nature that is loving and compassionate.  I felt instant relief and in the following weeks I continued to feel better and better.  I am very happy with the results of my SimplyHealed session.

Kaye — Utah


One of the greatest feelings is to experience increased closeness with those you love and those who love you. The SimplyHealed energy sessions helped me better understand who I am and provided me with tools to find self acceptance within myself that have allowed me to enjoy more meaningful relations with others. With time I have developed a greater sense of belonging to my family and a stronger connection to self and others. I owe a lot to this program; it has made a very real difference in my life.

Cheyenne — Washington


I have had restless legs for over a decade. Not only did this condition keep me awake at night, but also caused a lot of pain during the day. When my mom told me about her training for this new kind of energy work, I let her practice on me. I was blown away! I don’t know how, but we uncovered emotions that were obviously tied to my restless leg syndrome and moved them out. It’s been over 4 months, and I haven’t had any problem at all since that day! Thanks, Mom!

Aaron — Utah


I was skeptical about holistic energy work when Lori first approached me about it. I thought it sounded like hocus pocus!  But I must say, IT WORKS!!  After 2 times with Lori, I have felt better from my rheumatoid arthritis and I just feel more positive in general about LIFE!  This is how the Lord wants me to feel about myself, and your holistic method is much better than medication.  Thank you Lori!

Carla — Utah


I had a great experience learning about the concept of energy with Lori.  She was very professional and sincere in her efforts to help me.  Lori is a very positive person. I enjoyed my session and hope to learn more, as it helped me to be more in tune with my own emotions and events in life that can upset one’s energy cycles.  It was great!

Colleen — Utah


Energy work has always interested me . . . This latest season of my life has been challenging.  I have experienced an increase in stress and emotional baggage.  Through SimplyHealed energy sessions, I have been able to release the “burdens”, and feel more connected to both my mother and daughter.  I appreciate the affirmation exercises, and plan on making energy work a part of my life.

Kay — Utah


“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”